Patrick Pereira, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy located in Livingston, NJ

About Dr. Patrick Pereira PT, DPT

Dr. Patrick Pereira PT, DPT, proudly serves as rehab director and physical therapist for Life Home Therapy in Livingston. He has extensive experience providing at home physical therapy services to clients in Morris, Union, Warren, and Essex counties. He also holds the distinction of being an LSVT-BIG certified therapist where he has gained specialized training and practice in applying movement and posture enhancing techniques to assist patients with motor deficits caused by neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease and Multiple Sclerosis as well as from normal aging. Patrick is an Alumni of Seton Hall University Doctor of Physical Therapy program. As a former senior staff member of an outpatient facility, Dr. Pereira brings the same high quality care you would find in an outpatient clinic to your home. He specializes in helping patients improve their balance to prevent falls, regain their mobility, strength, and independence following surgery, and maintain a high quality of life despite challenges faced from certain conditions associated with aging such as muscle atrophy and dementia.

Patrick is passionate about forming a personal bond with each and every patient he works with. He vows to give you his personal best while he assists you in reaching the goals you and your family have set for yourself. He enjoys hiking, biking, and running. He also speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish, and is learning Italian.

Insurance Information

We only accept Medicare and out-of-pocket payments.